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KEYNOTE: The Future of CAE in computer aided medicine: the Virtual Physiological Human initiative Marco Viceconti Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
Validation of a musculoskeletral shoulder model Nicola Petrone University of Padova (Italy)
First Clinical Trials of Using Knee Stabilisers with Adaptable Kinematics for Functional Treatment of Periarticular Fractures - Experimental Research, Computer Simulation Wlodozimierz Choromanski Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
From the Computerized Tomography of the foot to the discretization of the domain for the Finite Element Analysis A. Rao University of Trento (Italy)
A methodology for hybrid modelizations of intracoronary stents Roberto Muscia University of Trieste (Italy)
Mathematical modeling in biomedicine: a tool for a better health-care Luca Formaggia MOX Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Characterization and Modeling of the Mechanical Response to Laser Refractive Corneal Surgery Giorgio Fotia CRS4 (Italy)
Hemodynamics in patient-specific carotid bifurcation by image-based computational fluid dynamics: the effect of the rheological models of blood on quantitative descriptors of blood topology and blood-vessel interaction D. Massai Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
A New Modality of Interaction with Three-Dimensional Models of the Human Organs Lucio De Paoli University of Salento (Italy)
Multi-objective optimization of an Implantable Medical Device, coupling modeFRONTIER and ANSYS D. Sweeney IDAC (Ireland)
Musculoskeletal simulation with AnyBody Modeling System applied to FEM analysis, bone loss and countermeasure development in microgravity S. Carbes Anybody

Nonlinear frequency response analysis of large scale vehicle models Sotiros Natsivas Aristotele University (Greece)
Modeling of elasto-viscoplastic anisotropic behavior of tantalum including the ductile damage effect Thomas Paris University of Troyes (France)
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Assessment of Oxidation Induced Shrinkage and Stress in Composite Materials at High Temperatures Marco Gigliotti University of Poitiers (France)
FEM Simulation of delamination and debonding growth in composite structures Juan Garcia Martinez INTA (Spain)
Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics in aeronautic metallic structures Javier San Millan INTA (Spain)
Finite Element Simulation of nested tube system under static conditions Otgondavaa Dashnyam Dublin City University (Ireland)
Prediction and Measurement of Strong Magnetic Fields using Computational FEMM Modelling Nasser Ekreem Dublin City University (Ireland)
Crystallization and Injection Molding Peter Kennedy Moldflow
Development of the coupling analysis between FMBEM-based acoustic and modal-based structural models and investigation on convergence behaviors of iteration methods Makoto Akiyama CyberNet
Towards industrialization of the extended finite element method Stephane Bordas University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
Characterization & Mechanical Evaluation of Sprayed Concrete AK Tamimi American University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
Multi-scale approach for new design solutions in automotive applications F. Bonollo University of Padova (Italy)
Integration of FEM simulation for prediction of tire performances E. Goudswaard Continental

Robust Design Optimization of Engineering Systems Vassili Toropov University of Leeds (UK)
Multi-Objective Optimization of BGA Packages for durability Metin Ozen Ozen Engineering (USA)
The inverse analysis and modal parameters identification using modeFRONTIER Damir Sedlar University of Split (Croatia)
Optimization of the Process Parameters for Controlling Residual Stress and Distortion in Friction Stir Welding Cem Celal Tutum DTU Mechanical Engineering (Denmark)
Automated placement optimization of heat generating electronic components on the printed wiring board Hogtao Sun University of Darmstadt (Germany)
Parametric Design Optimization of Marine Propellers Stefano Gaggero University of Genova (Italy)
GA-based shape optimization using 2D and 3D Bezier point parameterization Damir Vucina University of Split (Croatia)
Decision Making thanks to a unique fully physics-based, realistic renderer Patrick Doré OPTIS (France)
Methodology for a sequencing car problem Idalia Flores University of Mexico
Thermal conductivity profiles inversion with genetic algorithms and edge-preserving regularization Yoann Cavallin University of la Reunion (France)
Numerical simulation of a digitally controlled battery charger for photovoltaic applications S. Buso University of Padova (Italy)

KEYNOTE: The ILTOF project: innovating continuing education in fracture mechanics, fatigue and integrity of structures Alberto Carpinteri Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
The ILTOF project: outcomes and future perspectives Marco Paggi Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
LaTeX in eLearning: new tools and techniques I. Rockach Kielce University (Poland)
Building on-line communities of practice: experiences and perspectives Giovanni Borzi Consorzio TCN
Acquisition and representation of scientific knowledge: the case of EUA4X e-atelier Cristina Marras CNR-ILIESI (Italy)
Training the Next Generation of Simulation Engineers: NAFEMS Initiative in Skills Management Tim Morris NAFEMS (United Kingdom)

Design of wideband resonant gravitational wave detectors equipped with displacement concentrators
Paolo Falferi CNR - Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Italy)
The synthesis of sound of church bells by means of dynamic finite element analyses M. Ricotta University of Padova (Italy)
Railways: an established technology? M. Ciavarella Politecnico di Bari (Italy)
CAD Model Verification and Validation for CAE Processes A. Chinn TrascenData

KEYNOTE: Virtual Engineering of the Helicopter-Ship Dynamic Interface Ieuan Owen University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)
Optimization Procedure in a Car Aerodynamic Design: Examples of Application with CFD G. Lombardi University of Pisa (Italy)
Computational Simulation for External Aerodynamics and Drag Coeffient Calculations for the Transit Connect Cavit Cinar Ford (Turkey)
Blank shape design in sheet metal forming by boundary projection method Abbas Vafaeesefat Imam Hussein University (Iran)
Formulation and validation of a general procedure for fatigue life verifications of automotive vacuum pump couplings Alessandro Testa Pierburg
Running safety and ride comfort of a railway veichle in the presence of random track irreegularities Eva Kardas-Cinal University of Warsaw (Poland)
Structural durability evaluations on an exhaust manifold design of an IL4 gasoline engine Syam Hakimy Ismail Petronas (Malaysia)
Enabling Six-Sigma Quality and Low Cost Products in a Digital Product Environment A. Vlahinos PhilonNet (Greece)
Conceptual design method to optimize pedestrian leg performance Edwin van Hassel TASS TNO (The Netherlands)
Comparison study of single and bi-layered tube hydroforming using FE simulation Abed Alaswad Dublin City University (Ireland)
Simulations of tests of safety helmets Ugo Galvanetto University of Padova (Italy)
Dynamic behaviour of a crash-box in sandwich material Simonetta Boria University of Pisa (Italy)
Estimating ON Road emissions using a special driving cycle for Dublin H. Achour Dublin City University
Aerodynamic shape optimisation of a go-kart by means of UDF within ANSYS Fluent A. Angeletti University of Rome (Italy)
Advances in Virtual Crash-Dummy Design R. Kant First Technology Safety System Europe
Fluid Dynamics and Structural Behavior of Optimized Combustion Chamber Profiles T. Donateo University of Salento (Italy)
A tool for first attempt functional drawing of engine main components E. Bonisoli Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Crashworthiness Design of AnsaldoBreda light metro Vechicle L. Lenzi AnsaldoBreda

KEYNOTE: Aerospace sheet metal flattening based on energy models Antonio Caruso Agusta Westland
Feasibility of Finite Element and Meshless Approaches Applied to Helicopter Water Impact Crashworthiness Edoardo Francesconi Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Optimal Entry into Atmosphere Vasile Istatie Nat. Inst. Aerospace (Romania)
Multi-objective optimization for antenna design Emmanuel Leroux CST
CFD aerodynamic study of the innovative PERM injection system and MOGA optimisation of air distribution layout for the AVIO Combustor in the frame of the NEWAC Project Lorenzo Bucchieri EnginSoft
CFD reactive investigation of AVIO PERM combustor and emissions prediction at high pressure engine conditions Fabio Turrini AVIO
Collaborative Engineering Management applied to Virtual Aircraft Development Oliver Tabaste MSC (France)
Modelling of the carburizing and nitriding processes P. Cavaliere University of Salento (Italy)
Automated Comparison between PIV results and Fluent simulations with FieldView Y.V. Lefebrvre Fieldview
Arbitrary Shape Deformation and Optimization for CFD/FEA and CAD M. Landon LLC
Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics in aeronautics metallic structures J. San Millan INTA (Spain)
Optimal design of a two stroke diesel engine for aeronautical applications concerning both thermofluidynamics and acoustic issues F. Bozza CNR Napoli (Italy)
CFD automatic optimization in grid environments G. Katsaros National University of Athens (Greece)

KEYNOTE:Analysis of Vibration Phenomena in Solar Receivers of Parabolic-Trough Concentrators, induced by Pressure and Flow Rate Variations of yhe Refrigeration Fluid and the Solar Flux, by a Nonlinear Dynamics Approach C.E. Majorana University of Padova (Italy)
Mathematical models of gas fired boilers Renzo Tosato University of Padova (Italy)
Finite Element Simulation of a Homogeniser Andrew Clarke Dublin City University (Ireland)
Computational prognoses of damage growth and failure in some steel elements of cryogenic vessels covering the temperature range of the ductile-to-brittle transition region Jacek Jackiewicz Bydgoszcz University (Poland)
An Innovative tool for the motion Analysis of Dynamic positioning pipelay Barges P. Monti Saipem Energy Services
Personal Rapid Transit Exhibiting Joint Features of Both Public and Car Transport as a Potential Future Solution to City Transport Problems W. Choromanski Warsaw University (Poland)
Design of the spes target heating system: theoretical analyses and comparison with experimental data M. Manzolaro University of Padova (Italy)
Optimizing of a wind turbine rotor by CFD modeling P.M. Congedo University of Salento (Italy)

KEYNOTE: Computational mechanics simulations of the forming process of carton packages for beverages U. Perego Politecnico di?Milano (Italy)
Development of numerical models for the simulation of ceramic components behaviour during sintering process Danilo Bardaro CETMA (Italy)
Conceptual Design Based on Rigorous Models A Fully Integrated Approach Roberto Grana Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Simulation of an Aggregate Dryer Using Coupled CFD and DEM Methods R. Joshi DEM Solution (United Kingdom)
CAD/CAE Methodology for drum shaft design of industrial washing machines Roberto Muscia University of Trieste (Italy)
Use of a real-time prediction adaptative model in the sugar cane crystallization process Yoann Cavallin University of La Reunion (France)
Analysis and Investigation of Stretch Flange Forming in Stainless Steel 304 Abbas Vafaeesefat Imam Hussein University (Iran)
Bulge forming of tubular components using a solid pressurizing medium - process optimization using finite element simulation S.M. Ahaduzzaman Dublin City University (Ireland)
Metrological analysis of a procedure for the automatic 3d modeling of free-form surfaces Nicola Brusco 3deverywhere (Italy)
A simulation tool for supply chain design and optimization Eleonora Bottani University of Parma (Italy)
Modelling FSI phenomenon during filling and forming processes of liquid food packaging used by Tetra Pak by means of UDF within ANSYS Fluent A. Angeletti University of Rome (Italy)
Parametric MESH for Structural Analysis using Go-Mesh Angelo Galietta AAPS Informatica
Conceptual Design Based on Rigorous Models A Fully Integrated Approach F. Manenti Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Coupling of modeFRONTIER v4 with Aspen Plus 2006 process simulation software to perform a sensitivity analysis of a catalytic autothermal diesel reformer system L.E. Gartner Freiberg University (Germany)

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