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EnginSoft is a consulting company operating in the field of Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE). Founded in 1984 to focus and pursue computational technologies and the immense potentialities related to the same, EnginSoft today represents an innovative organization with over 80 employees and 5 offices in Italy, a growing Network of partner offices and subsidiaries in Europe and USA supported by numerous long-term partnerships with companies, universities and research institutions.

Our mission is to spread the culture of digital technologies within both production and research contexts. We pursue this challenge by offering engineering consulting services, world-class CAE softwares, dedicated training courses and by promoting conferences, collaborations with research institutes, and publishing activity.

To continuously improve the EnginSoft product and service portfolio, we keep close relationships with CAE software developers and test the effectiveness of the most advanced tools on real engineering issues. This is why more than 800 customers have chosen us in 20 years of activity.



Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, AMD designs and produces microprocessors and innovative graphic solutions for IT, communications and electronic devices.

We have always paid a special attention far beyond integrated circuits and transistors. AMD is committed itself to support its customers in the use of information technology to improve in value and differentiate their offers. Our customers' success is our success. That's why AMD products are developed taking into account, not only innovation, but also its customers' needs. We provide our customers with real problem solutions. We call this customer-centric innovation and it's at the centre of everything we do.

We are pushing further. Our commitment and passion for our activities lead us to expand our search for new excellence opportunities. We are one of the main producers of integrated circuits in the world, with branch offices in the United States Sunnyvale in California, Austin in Texas, Markham in Ontario and production plants in the USA, in Europe, Japan and Asia. We are also market leaders worldwide for each of our core businesses: microprocessors and graphic solutions for IT, communication and consumer electronics.

Being aware of our customers' developing needs, AMD is fully conscious of the role of a farsighted approach to keep up with future innovation. In order to meet present and future requirements, AMD invests in leading technologies far before the commercial launch of new products.

As other world-class companies, we are proud of our success, but never completely satisfied. AMD is committed to provide its customers with innovative solutions, thus creating and fostering a sustainable growth.



AAPS Informatica is the producer of Go-Nurbs and Go-Mesh, softwares for 3D modelling and meshing in the field of CAD/CAE.

The company has been present since 1994 in the Information & Communication Technology field, and provides services to public and private companies. The Aaps' philosophy states that every companies activity is carefully scheduled and controlled, to ensure the client satisfaction. In a few years, AAPS has become a strategic partner of many clients, that have renewed the trust in it.

Moreover AAPS works with several University and Research Centre to develop technological innovation programs.



ANSYS is leading the evolution of CAE tools and technologies, delivering customer value by enabling companies to improve product development and processes. ANSYS is committed to developing simulation solutions - from mechanical to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) - that illustrate realistic and accurate modeling and simulation of components, subsystems, and systems. Replacing hardware prototyping and testing, ANSYS solutions drive product designs from concept to reality, providing an engineering simulation system for a fast, efficient and cost-conscious information-based development process.

The most prestigious companies in the world turn to ANSYS for the company's history of development and delivery of the most reliable engineering simulation solutions.



"AnyBody Technology markets unique software and consulting services for biomechanics and computer-aided ergonomics.
With AnyBody you can investigate in detail the ergonomic consequences of design parameters.
We simulate the human body together with the client's product/device: the steering wheel and gearshift of a car, the seat and the crank mechanism of a bicycle, the backrest and foot support of a chair.
Models in AnyBody are parametric. It is easy to scale the body model in size, change the strength of a muscle, the length of a skeletal bone, or the direction of an exterior force. But AnyBody does more than that. The system can optimize the model and automatically find the combination of parameters that best fulfil a given purpose; the dimensions of a bicycle that minimize muscle fatigue for given rider dimensions.
Working together with us is easy. We provide software, training, consulting, and support services as needed."



As a software and engineering house - has been one of the first addresses for companies, research institutes and Universities in the field of the Finite-Element-Method (FEM) and Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE).

CADFEM's field of activities ranges from distribution of worldwide leading best-in-class software like ANSYS and LS-DYNA to training, support, consultancy, and distribution of hardware.



ClusterVision is specialist in compute, storage and database clusters. Our clusters are built with high-quality servers and storage from IBM, Dell or Supermicro; high-speed interconnects such as InfiniBand and Myrinet; and the ClusterVision or Microsoft Compute Cluster Server.

ClusterVision has built some of the largest and most complex clusters in Europe, including the number 20 fastest supercomputer in the world and the fastest x86 cluster in Europe.

ClusterVision has offices in Amsterdam, Gloucester, Munich, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Oslo and Madrid.



CST is one of the two largest suppliers of electromagnetic simulation software and has continuously enhanced its position as market and technology leader in 3D Time Domain simulation. With over 90 employees worldwide and a network of qualified distributors, 120 people are dedicated to the development and support of its EM products in more than 30 countries. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) is the market leading time domain tool for 3D EM simulation. Embedded in an advanced design environment, it can be coupled with all CST STUDIO SUITE solver technology including circuit and thermal simulation.



CYBERNET SYSTEMS sells top-class CAE software used worldwide for such wide-ranging applications as control design, structural analysis, optical design, electronic circuit design, thermal fluid analysis, dynamic motion analysis, acoustic analysis, nano-device design, biomedical engineering analysis, pre- and post-processing, numerical processing, simulation language, and telecommunications.

It also sells IT solutions software used in process learning, software asset administration, and terminal emulators as well as web conferencing services.

CYBERNET SYSTEMS also provides user education through various types of seminars including such professional services as technical support, contracted analysis, and consulting, and also develops interfaces, models, and analysis modules.


DEM Solutions

DEM Solutions is a global leader in discrete element modeling software. Our EDEM software is used for simulation, analysis and visualization of particulate flows providing high-resolution information on particle kinematics, momentum, heat and mass transfer.
Customers in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral and materials processing as well as oil & gas production, agricultural and construction and geo-technical engineering use EDEM to design, develop and test products and processes faster and more accurately than was previously possible, reducing their development costs and time to market.

EDEM can be used in-house in conjunction with existing CAE tools, or our experienced consultancy team can work with you to help you understand your system at the particle scale.



DISTENE is a leading supplier of pre- & post-processing software tools and techniques targeting the CAD/CAE software developers and end-users who want to incorporate advanced and reliable engineering meshing capabilities into their Simulation-Based Design software chain.

DISTENE offers its 20 year experience and its high-end software to its customers

  • to solve the issues related to the connection from CAD to CAE through efficient meshing software technologies,
  • to analyse, visualise and communicate, throughout the enterprise, multi-physics and large-scaled CAE datasets.

The Software solutions proposed by Distene are:

  • MeshGems: MeshGems is a robust and industrial library of meshing software components to generate / optimize / adapt unstructured meshes. It is a reference technology on the market because of its speed, quality and robustness at an industrial level. MeshGems components are today integrated by most CAD/CAE vendors of the market in their products (ABAQUS, AUTODESK, ANSYS, PTC, DASSAULT SYSTEMES, MSC.Software, SAMTECH, UGS,...)
  • EnSight: EnSight provides its users with an efficient solution to post-process very large numerical multi-physics datasets produced by growing industrial needs. It is also a powerful tool to communicate analysis results throughout the enterprise, in order to make the decision making process easier.


E4 Computer Engineering

Funded by a group of experienced professionals from the IT industry, our Company specialises in the production of high performance Server and Workstations both for top level professional use and for small and large businesses, as well as academic and educational.

At E4, we not only offer the most up to date and unique working solutions, we also provide an efficient before and after sales service. Our on / off line system configurator guarantees clients the best hardware available and E4 is proud to have become one of the top players in its sector.

E4 solutions are focused on the four aspects of Specialised Workstations, Server, Multiprocessor Servers for industrial solutions, HPC/HA clusters and PC systems for dedicated office use.

Particularly worthy of note is our new generation of Server, the Itanium2, a double or quadruple processor based on 64 bit technology with Intel/ Itanium2, with frequencies at 1.3GHz, 1.4GHz and 1.5GHz, giving respectively 3MB, 4MB and 2MB third level integrated cache.



ESTECO was created in 1999 to transfer the knowledge acquired by its founders while working on an European Union sponsored project on Design Optimization (FRONTIER) into a successful commercial product. It took ESTECO almost two years to deliver on its promises, turning a research-stage product into a world-class, industrial-strength, multi- objective optimization platform: modeFRONTIER. Along the way, our initial staff of experts in optimization techniques, numerical analysis and information technology has been expanded to acquire new skills and to position ourselves as ideal partners for engineering companies interested in taking full advantage of their human and computational resources. Now ESTECO counts more than 20 employees. The Head Quarters of the company are located in AREA Science Park in Trieste, Italy.


Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is the leading European IT Infrastructure Provider with a strategic focus on next-generation Mobility and Dynamic Data Center products, services and solutions. With a platform and services portfolio of exceptional depth, our offering extends from notebooks through desktops to enterprise-class IT infrastructure solutions and services offerings. Fujitsu Siemens Computers has a presence in all key markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with Infrastructure Services extending coverage approximately 170 countries worldwide. Leveraging the strengths, innovation and global reach of our joint shareholders, Fujitsu Limited and Siemens AG, we make sure we meet the needs of customers: large corporations, small and medium enterprises and private users. The company is a pioneer in providing environmentally conscious technology and processes, throughout the lifecycle of each product, and is a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative and Green Grid organizations. To meet stringent international standards for corporate social responsibility, Fujitsu Siemens Computers is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

For more information on Fujitsu Siemens Computers, please visit: www.fujitsu-siemens.com, for Corporate Social Responsibility please see www.fujitsu-siemens.com/aboutus/sor/index.html.

Designed for analysts and design engineers, Flowmaster is system simulation software that takes into account the complex internal flow and thermal effects within fluid systems.
A library of standard components and suite of generic "building block" components make it possible for engineers to quickly model and simulate, validate and optimise systems at the concept phase of development, before any 3D data is available.
Flowmaster enables expert users to capture their knowledge in the software allowing simulations to be performed safely in controlled conditions by a wider range of engineers, providing a higher quality of rapid system development.



The CINEMA 4D family of products has everything to satisfy your professional 3D modeling, texturing, animating and rendering needs. CINEMA 4D is fast, stable, powerful and delivers dazzling imagery.

The core application contains everything you need to create high-end 3D images and animations. For those artists whose work demands more than the basic application, MAXON provides numerous seamlessly integrated modules. Modules can also be purchased individually or in affordable bundles.

You design, develop and build the products of the future. No matter what size your company, tomorrow's successes have to be designed today.

The CINEMA 4D Engineering Edition's simplified interface and extensive libraries make it easy to use. Simply load your CAD object using one of the over 20 supported file formats, select a material and an environment and the CINEMA 4D Engineering Edition has all it needs for a quality, high-end rendering. Animations can also be created with just a few clicks of the mouse and rendered very quickly, thanks to CINEMA 4D's outstanding render engine.

Compared to integrated render solutions, the benefits of the CINEMA 4D Engineering Edition's high-quality image output far outweigh any extra effort that may be required when switching to the Engineering Edition to render - an effort that will pay off quickly.

Since 1996 GRM Studio imports and distributes software for 3D visualizations, following the localization, the translation of the manuals and offer technical support in several field, which: Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design, Medical Visualization, Nautical, Interior Design, Automotive, Goldsmith, Furniture , Video Production and Fashion, etc.



HP is the biggest IT company in customer, small and medium businesses market, as well as worldwide leader on the enterprise market. Its wide offer includes IT facilities and services, personal computers and access devices, as well as imaging and printing solutions.

HP invests something like 4 thousand million dollars every year to feed the creation of new products, solutions and technologies able to better meet its customers? needs. HP Labs, the Company Research Center, is committed in the development of new technologies able to influence the market and to foster new business opportunities. The company daily registers an average of 11 new licenses all over the world.

For these reasons Hewlett-Packard is today the best ally for its partners, privileged point of reference for companies in business management and for all those customers demanding for quality, reliability and innovation.

HP commitment distinguishes itself by its care for people, principles and for several activities of social responsibilities within different communities, through its experience and technology. HP has always supported scientific research, educational, social, artistic and cultural projects with philanthropic donations.

Founded and headquartered in Palo Alto since 1939, HP has 150.000 professional employees in over 170 countries. The fiscal year turnover at the end of October 2006 was 91,7 thousand million dollars.


At Intel, we constantly push the boundaries of innovation in order to make people's lives more exciting, more fulfilling, and easier to manage. Our unwavering commitment to moving technology forward has transformed the world by leaps and bounds.

We're a company that's always in motion, fueling an industry that never rests. We inspire our partners to develop innovative products and services, rally the industry to support new products, and drive industry standards. We do this so that we can collectively deliver better solutions with greater benefits more quickly.


For over 20 years, Intelligent Light has been helping customers find the answers to their most challenging problems. Intelligent Light delivers the world's most advanced technologies for understanding and visualizing large complex data. The FieldView family of products delivers a comprehensive CFD post-processing suite that supports people in demanding, mission critical CFD environments. Industry leaders rely daily on Intelligent Lights staff for products, consulting, research, and support to make their CFD jobs accurate, fast and easy.

FieldView: Capability, Productivity, & Impact

Visit us at www.ilight.com to experience FieldView for free.


LMS is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. With approximately 30 years of experience, LMS helps customers get better products to market faster and turn superior process efficiency into key competitive advantages. With a unique combination of 1D and 3D simulation software, testing systems and engineering services, LMS tunes into mission critical engineering attributes, ranging from system dynamics, structural integrity and sound quality to durability, safety and power consumption. With multi-domain solutions for thermal, fluid dynamics, electrical and mechanical system behavior, LMS can address the complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent system design. Thanks to our technology and dedicated people, LMS has become the partner of choice of more than 5,000 manufacturing companies worldwide. LMS is certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards and operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world. LMS, a Dassault Systémes Gold Partner and SIMULIA Partner, operates in Italy directly through LMS Italiana since 1988.



Engineering services for complete vehicles, engines and drive train, modules and components. Development and sales of the software tools FEMFAT (fatigue life prediction), KULI (vehicle thermal management) and KABI (vehicle electric wiring). Fatigue laboratory for complete vehicles, modules and components.

19 engine- and 5 machine drive train test benches Factory ownes ON/OFF-Road proving ground.



Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a world leader in software, services, and internet technologies for personal and business computing. If offers a complete range of products and services to achieve better results in anyone's activity, thanks to software - in any time, in any place and with any device. In July 2006 Microsoft announced the release to manufacturing of the Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, the first Microsoft software specifically designed to perform HPC parallel applications and to allow users to solve complex calculations. Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003 speeds up both analysis time and users' comprehension, offering a reliable computating platform for high-performance computing, which is easy to implement, manage and integrate with the network and the already existing tools.



NAFEMS (The International Association for the Engineering Analysis Community) is an international non-profit-making association, with no commercial interests and owned by its members.
NAFEMS mission is to promote a proper and reliable use of numerical simulation technologies, providing a constant updating and qualification of the information technologies available.
The association was founded in 1983 and it can be considered as the main Italian reference point for such topics. Thanks to its members' contribution, NAFEMS is able to provide a wide range of information services, dissemination and training.
NAFEMS is supported only by international membership subscriptions.
It fosters the correct and reliable use of Numerical Simulation Technologies.


OZEN Engineering

Ozen Engineering Inc. provides consulting services, sales, training and technical support for FEA, CFD and Dynamics Analysis, Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue, Multi-Objective Design Optimization, Process Integration, Design for Six Sigma, Stochastic and Reliability Analysis, Materials Modeling, Inverse Engineering, Tuning of Numerical Models, Composites Design, Failure Prediction and Post-Critical Characterization. Ozen Engineering Inc. is an active member of TechNet Alliance and NAFEMS who serves hundreds of major international companies operating in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and biomechanics field.



Panasas is the leading supplier of high performance storage solutions for compute clusters running computational fluid dynamics applications.
The company makes parallel storage systems that improve CFD application performance. Recent tests with FLUENT v12 (beta) show over a 2x improvement in job performance times using Panasas when compared with competitive NFS-based solutions. Our ActiveStor Parallel Storage solutions, based on our PanFS(tm) parallel file system tightly integrated with Panasas hardware have established Panasas as the leader in parallel storage. Users around the world including leading automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing and F1 teams are deploying Panasas parallel storage solutions today!



The TASS mission is "To enhance human safety by providing innovative software tools and customer-focused solutions". Building on over 30 years of crash test and vehicle safety experience, TASS delivers complete software solutions through in-house development of the Madymo software suite and dedicated engineering services, complemented with contributions from strategic partners like ESTECO.

Our software, Madymo, the worldwide standard software for occupant safety analyses, features generic multibody, finite element and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities. Madymo allows users to design and optimise occupant safety systems efficiently and cost-effectively. To facilitate this, Madymo comes with a full range of highly predictive and efficient dummy models, as well as innovative tools supporting the restraint optimization process. Recent advances in the Madymo software are multi-code dummy model, dedicated pre-& post-processing and a completely new CFD module


TranscenData Europe is the European product data interoperability business of International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), providing solutions that enable companies to effectively exchange, reuse and share engineering product data among diverse software applications. TranscenData solutions are aimed at eliminating non-value-added time and costs associated with reusing product data.

CADfix is one of the leading tools for 3D CAD data exchange and CAE integration. It allows users to import CAD data, and then to repair and optimise it for reuse in downstream systems.

CADIQ analyses and compares CAD models to identify geometric shape and quality differences introduced by engineering change, translation or remodelling. Quality defects that impede downstream analysis, manufacturing or data exchange are also identified.


Transvalor, founded in 1984, is a subsidiary of ARMINES, the organisation which manages the French "Ecole des Mines" multiple research centers. TRANSVALOR, located in Sophia Antipolis (South of France), is specialized in the material forming software domain, based on the research conducted at the Ecole des Mines de Paris (CEMEF).
With his main software, Forge, used to simulate hot and cold metal forming, Transvalor is now a reference in the world market.
Today our products have been installed in more than 300 sites in Europe, USA, India and Japan. Our customers work in automotive and aeronautic industries, heavy forge, automotive suppliers, chemical industries and many other industries involved in the metal forming. TRANSVALOR is continuously improving the software through a close collaboration with many industrial partners and the CEMEF research center.


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