Ever since its foundation in 2001, as a consortium of companies and research institutes, TCN's ultimate ambition is to transfer knowledge and education through state-of-the-art technologies from science to industry.

TCN pursues this challenge by offering the most complex range of training courses related to CAE, Virtual Prototyping and Testing, iDP, as well as disciplines dedicated to statistics, data structure, IT and software engineering in general.

At a time, when the world's leading scientists call for interdisciplinary education in computational science, engineering and computing technologies, TCN offers a unique knowledge network to the international learning community.
During the course of the year, TCN's program encompasses on-site short courses, tailor-made training, distance learning, minimasters, master courses, fellowships for young scientists and much more. The TCN CAE Conferences represent a moment in time when academia and research meet industry, traditionally at a key venue.

TCN CAE 2008 will provide an international forum for researchers, scientists, engineers, managers dedicated to the fields of applied computational science and engineering. The Conference will bring together the industrial and scientific worlds of simulation, thus promoting latest advancements in a technology sector that various independent studies regard as indispensable for achieving progress in engineering and science in the 21st century.
TCN CAE 2008 promotes scientific knowledge and its incorporation into simulation-based engineering through computer simulation.

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