First Day - 16th October 2008

Welcome - S. Odorizzi, EnginSoft
Inverse Analysis Procedures for Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Diagnosis of Structure - G. Maier, Politecnico di Milano
IMS: Program Overview and Opportunities for Advanced Manufacturing Research - D. Nagy, IMS
Coffee Break
A simulation based diagnostic system for the abdominal aortic aneurysm - C. Gasser, KTH Stockholm
Nanomaterials with enhanced machanical and chemical perfomances - R. Cingolani, Universita' del Salento
High Performance Computing Center at CEA: applications and perspectives - C. Behar, CEA DAM Ile de France
Medicine Materials Optimization ILTOF closing conference - education HPC
KEYNOTE: The Future of CAE in computer aided medicine: theVirtual Physiological Human initiative - M. Viceconti, European Society of Biomechanics KEYNOTE: Multi-scale approach for new design solutions in automotive applications F. Bonollo, Universita' di Padova KEYNOTE: Robust Design Optimization of Engineering Systems - V. Toropov, University of Leeds KEYNOTE: The ILTOF project: innovating continuing education in fracture mechanics, fatigue and integrity of structures. - A. Carpinteri, Politecnico di Torino
Validation of a muscoloskeletal shoulder model - N. Petrone, Università di Padova FEM Simulation of delamination and debonding growth in composite structures - J. Garcia Martinez, INTA Spain Multi-Objective Optimization of BGA Packages for durability - M. Ozen, Ozen Engineering The ILTOF project: outcomes and future perspectives.- M. Paggi, Politecnico di Torino

KEYNOTE: Towards 1 Billion DOFS. CAE HPC Performance expectations for the future - G. Perna, EnginSoft

First Clinical Trials of Using Knee Stabilisers with Adaptable Kinematics for Functional Treatment of Periarticular Fractures - W. Choromanski, Warsaw University Towards industrialization of the extended finite element method - S. Bordas, University of Glasgow The inverse analysis and modal parameters identification using modeFRONTIER - D. Sedlar, University of Split Building on-line communities of practice: experiences and perspectives. - G. Borzi, Consorzio TCN INTEL Technologies for High Performance Computer - A. Toigo, Intel
From the Computerized Tomography of the foot to the discretization of the domain for the Finite Element Analysis - A. Rao, Universita' di Trento Finite Element Simulation of nested tube system under static conditions - O. Dashnyam, University of Ireland Optimization of the Process Parameters for Controlling Residual Stress and Distortion in Friction Stir Welding - C.C. Tutum, DTU LaTeX in eLearning: new tools and techniques - I. Rockach, Kielce University of Technology

Past, Present and Future of Windows HPC and High Productivity Computing - M. Maina, Microsoft

Multi-objective optimization of an Implantable Medical Device, coupling modeFRONTIER and ANSYS - L. Fuligno, EnginSoft Numerical Simulation and Experimental Assessment of Oxidation Induced Shrinkage and Stress in Composite Materials at High Temperatures - M. Gigliotti, University of Poitiers Thermal conductivity profiles inversion with genetic algorithms and edge-preserving regularization - Y. Cavallin, University of la Reunion Acquisition and representation of scientific knowledge: the case of EUA4X e-atelier - C. Marras, CNR

AMD: The future is fusion - R. Dognini, AMD

Musculoskeletal simulation with AnyBody Modeling System applied to FEM analysis, bone loss and countermeasure development in microgravity - S. Carbes, Anybody Characterization & Mechanical Evaluation of Sprayed Concrete - AK Tamimi, American University of Sharjah Methodology for a sequencing car problem - I. Flores, University of Mexico Training the Next Generation of Simulation Engineers: NAFEMS Initiative in Skills Management - T. Morris, Nafems HPC for PMI: Workgroup platform for Linux and Windows - B. Borgogno HP
Coffee Break
Mathematical modeling in biomedicine: a tool for a better health-care - L. Formaggia, Politecnico di Milano Nonlinear frequency response analysis of large scale vehicle models - S. Natsiavas, Aristotele University Automated placement optimization of heat generating electronic components on the printed wiring board - H. Sun, University of Darmstadt OTHER TECHNOLOGIES Thermal fluid-dynamic simulation of a computing room - G. Lombardi, Universita' di Pisa
Design of wideband resonant gravitational wave detectors equipped with displacement concentrators - P. Falferi, CNR-Fondazione Bruno Kessler and INFN
Hemodynamics in patient-specific carotid bifurcation by image-based computational fluid dynamics: the effect of the rheological models of blood on quantitative descriptors of blood topology and blood-vessel interaction - D. Massai, Politecnico Torino Development of the coupling analysis between FMBEM-based acoustic and modal-based structural models and investigation on convergence behaviors of iteration methods - M. Akiyama, Cybernet Numerical simulation of a digitally controlled battery charger for photovoltaic applications - F. Marcuzzi, University Padova The synthesis of sound of church bells by means of dynamic finite element analyses - B. Atzori, Universita' di Padova High Performance Computing systems: the state of the art of the solutions for the design and the CAE virtual prototyping - S. Tinti, E4
A methodology for hybrid modelizations of intracoronary stents - R. Muscia, Universita' di Trieste Prediction and Measurement of Strong Magnetic Fields using Computational FEMM Modelling - N. Ekreem, Dublin City University GA-based shape optimization using 2D and 3D Bezier point parameterization - D. Vucina, University of Split CAD Model Verification and Validation for CAE Processes - A. Chinn, Transcendata Practical Simulations at Large Scale: The Case for Parallel I/O - S. Posey, Panasas
A New Modality of Interaction with Three-Dimensional Models of the Human Organs - L. de Paolis, Universita' del Salento Integration of FEM simulation for prediction of tire performances - E. Goudswaard, Continental Decision Making thanks to a unique fully physics-based, realistic renderer - P. Dore', Optis Rail corrugation, RCF, wear: some critical comments before we embark into more computations! - M. Ciavarella, Politecnico di Bari clustervision
Characterization and Modeling of the Mechanical Response to Laser Refractive Corneal Surgery - G. Fotia, CRS4 Crystallization and Injection Molding - P. Kennedy, Moldflow Enabling Six-Sigma Quality and Low Cost Products in a Digital Product Environment A. Vlahinos, Philonnet Fujitsu
Modeling of elasto-viscoplastic anisotropic behavior of tantalum including the ductile damage effect - T. Paris, University of Troyes Parametric Design Optimization of Marine Propellers - S. Gaggero, Università Genova

Second Day - 17th October 2008

Automotive Aerospace Power Energy Consumer Goods
KEYNOTE: Virtual Engineering of the Helicopter-Ship Dynamic Interface - I. Owen, University of Liverpool KEYNOTE: Aerospace sheet metal flattening based on energy models - A. Caruso, Agusta Westland KEYNOTE: Analysis of Vibration Phenomena in Solar Receivers of Parabolic-Trough Concentrators, induced by Pressure and Flow Rate Variations of yhe Refrigeration Fluid and the Solar Flux, by a Nonlinear Dynamics Approach - C.E. Majorana, University of Padova KEYNOTE: Computational mechanics simulations of the forming process of carton packages for beverages - U. Perego Politecnico Milano
Optimization Procedure in a Car Aerodynamic Design: Examples of Application with CFD - G. Lombardi, University of Pisa Feasibility of Finite Element and Meshless Approaches Applied to Helicopter Water Impact Crashworthiness - E. Francesconi, Politecnico di Milano An innovative tool for the motion analysis of dynamic positioning pipelay barges - P. Monti, Saipem Energy Development of numerical models for the simulation of ceramic components behaviour during sintering process - D. Bardaro, CETMA
Fluid Dynamics and Structural Behavior of Optimized Combustion Chamber Profiles - T. Donateo, University of Salento Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics in aeronautic metallic structures - J. San Millan, INTA Spain Finite Element Simulation of a Homogeniser - A. Clarke, Dublin City University Bulge forming of tubular components using a solid pressurizing medium - process optimization using finite element simulation - S.M. Ahaduzzaman, Dublin City University
Coffee Break
Computational Simulation for External Aerodynamics and Drag Coeffient Calculations for the Transit Connect - C. Cinar, Ford Turkey Optimal Entry into Atmosphere - V. Istratie, Nat. Inst. Aerospace Romania Design of the spes target heating system: theoretical analyses and comparison with experimental data - G. Meneghetti, Universita' di Padova Modelling FSI phenomenon during filling and forming processes of liquid food packaging used by Tetra Pak by means of UDF within ANSYS Fluent - M.E. Biancolini, Universita' di Roma
Advances in Virtual Crash-Dummy Design - R. Kant, FTSS Collaborative Engineering Management applied to Virtual Aircraft Development - O. Tabaste, MSC France Computational prognoses of damage growth and failure in some steel elements of cryogenic vessels covering the temperature range of the ductile-to-brittle transition region - J. Jackiewicz, Bydgoszcz University Simulation of an Aggregate Dryer Using Coupled CFD and DEM Methods - R. Joshi, DEM Solutions
Poster Exhibition
Dynamic behaviour of a crash-box in sandwich material - S. Boria, Universita' di Pisa CFD aerodynamic study of the innovative PERM injection system and MOGA optimisation of air distribution layout for the AVIO Combustor in the frame of the NEWAC Project - L. Bucchieri, EnginSoft Mathematical models of gas fired boilers - R. Tosato, Universita' di Padova Cad/cae methodology for drum shaft design of industrial washing machines - R. Muscia, Universita' di Trieste
Structural durability evaluations on an exhaust manifold design of an IL4 gasoline engine - S.H. Ismail, Petronas Malaysia CFD reactive investigation of AVIO PERM combustor and emissions prediction at high pressure engine conditions - F. Turrini, AVIO Horizontal Air - Ground Heat Exchangers - P. M. Congedo, University of Salento Parametric mesh for structural analysis using go-mesh - A. Galietta, AAPS Informatica
Formulation and validation of a general procedure for fatigue life verifications of automotive vacuum pump couplings -A. Testa, Pierburg Addressing a New Post-processing Challenge. Automated Comparison between PIV results and Fluent simulations with FieldView - Y.V. Lefebvre, Fieldview Personal Rapid Transit Exhibiting Joint Features of Both Public and Car Transport as a Potential Future Solution to City Transport Problems - W. Choromanski, Warsaw University Metrological analysis of a procedure for the automatic 3d modeling of free-form surfaces - N. Brusco, 3deverywhere
Comparison study of single and bi-layered tube hydroforming using FE simulation. - A. Alaswad, Dublin University Multi-objective optimization for antenna design - E. Leroux, CST Automotive Analysis and Investigation of Stretch Flange Forming in Stainless Steel 304 - A. Vafaeesefat, Imam Hussein University Iran
Crash Worthiness Design of AnsaldoBreda light metro veichle - L. Lenzi, AnsaldoBreda
Coffee Break
Current and future developments in crash simulation and passenger safety with LS-DYNA- U. Goehner, DYNAmore Modelling of the carburizing and nitriding processes - P. Cavaliere University of Salento Simulations of tests of safety helmets - U. Galvanetto, Universita' di Padova Use of a real-time prediction adaptative model in the sugar cane crystallization process - Y. Cavallin, University of la Reunion, France
Conceptual design method to optimize pedestrian leg performance - E. Van Hassel, TASS TNO Arbitrary Shape Deformation and Optimization for CFD/FEA and CAD - M. Landon Optimal Solutions Software, LLC Aerodynamic shape optimisation of a go-kart by means of UDF within ANSYS Fluent - M.E. Biancolini, Universita' di Roma Conceptual Design Based on Rigorous Models A Fully Integrated Approach - F. Manenti, Politecnico di Milano
Running safety and ride comfort of a railway veichle in the presence of random track irreegularities - E. Kardas Cinal, University of Warsaw Optimal Design of a Two-Stroke Diesel Engine for Aeronautical Applications Concerning both Thermofluidynamic and Acoustic Issues - F. Bozza, UniversitÓ di Napoli Federico II A tool for first attempt functional drawing of engine main components - E. Bonisoli, Politecnico di Torino A simulation tool for supply chain design and optimization - E. Bottani, Universita' di Parma
Estimating on road emissions using a special driving cycle for Dublin - H. Achour, A.G. Olabi, Dublin City University Blank shape design in sheet metal forming by boundary projection method - A. Vafaeesefat, University Imam-Hussein Iran Coupling of modeFRONTIER v4 with Aspen Plus 2006 process simulation software to perform a sensitivity analysis of a catalytic autothermal diesel reformer system - L.E. Gartner, Freiberg University
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